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About Us

DeMont Research Laboratories was founded in 2010, with the aim to enhance the quality of life of the general public. We are planning to become one of the most esteemed names in the pharmaceutical industry by rapidly growing our sales, research and distribution networks across the country. DeMont intends to create value through research and innovation. Our focus is to build a direct bond with our patients and learn from them about their needs.

DeMont Research Labs (Pvt) Ltd is a research-based manufacturing unit that develops medicines which enhance the abilities to counter life-threatening illnesses and contribute towards the quality of life. DeMont does not want to be known as just another company. DeMont is passionate and has set aggressive goals. To remain on our toes DeMont has kept its corporate slogan “Medication with Innovation”.


Our mission and vision are to provide effective medicines through our research-driven business. We believe our success is through innovative medicine and satisfaction of our customers by meeting and exceeding the global quality standards.

These are more than mere words and they illustrate the purpose of our existence and define how we do our business.

We have indulged all our efforts towards making ourselves as the recognized leader in the global pharmaceuticals industry by providing medicines that go beyond


ceo0For nearly a decade we have committed to creating a meaningful difference in the pharmaceutical industry. Having studied and worked in United kingdom’s finest pharmaceutical institutes and observing major limitations in lack of research in Pakistan’s pharmaceutical industry, I immediately determined to set up an exemplary pharmaceutical unit in Pakistan to enhance the research-based progress in the pharmaceutical industry.

DeMont’s primary focus is to create products that exceed existing industry standards. Our core values coupled with teamwork has helped us to create new quality standards.

I strongly believe that the pharmaceutical industry domestically and internationally both have huge untapped segments in research and innovation. Therefore at DeMont, we are trying to think out of the box by coming up with new products and techniques to meet with the ever-changing needs of the masses. I firmly believe in nurturing our partnership with all our stakeholders supporting them in any way we can and doing so with responsibility.

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